Helping Parents Raise Healthy Heroes

Our Mission

At Superhero Training Camp we are on a mission to close health gaps and end the obesity epidemic our nation is fighting. It’s a big mission build for a team of healthy heroes. We will win by preparing the next generation for their health journey

SuperheroTC will focus on supporting children on their journey through community camps, family activities, and more.

Hero Facts

1 in 3
Children are physically active daily.

13.7 MillionĀ 
Children are affected by obesity.

The State of Childhood Obesity
Predicts that over 8 million Texas residents will have diabetes or hypertension by 2030.

Healthy Hero Values

Physical Activity

We encourage all of our members and their family to get 60-minutes of physical activity daily


Children are filled with energy; we provide a safe space to let that energy flow freely while having fun


Children need positive encouragement and support to grow into healthy adults.


We dare our Superherokid to be leaders in the community


Personal health education is the key to live a healthy life.


Every child’s home is not created equal. Healthy Heroes help those in need.

Our Story

Our founder K’Yana Davis’s childhood was similar to many children across America. She could always be found quietly enjoying her favorite cartoons and snacks. Mrs.Davis didn’t play many sports as a child. Her inactive lifestyle as followed her into adulthood. After years of cheat diets and gym memberships; K’yana realized she lacked the discipline and foundation to live the healthy lifestyle she desired. According to the CDC, almost 1/2 of American adults in 2013-2016 desire the same healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Davis knew she was not alone. In June 2019, She combined her biggest obstacle-fitness with her life passion-children, and her experience in from the corporate world to start Superhero Training Camp (SuperheroTC).

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