Registration Opens Spring 2021

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Superhero Training Camp

Why is exercise and health education important for a child?

Exercise and proper nutrition are not only beneficial for us physically, but mentally as well. Introducing kids to healthy habits at a young age makes it easier for them to continue a healthy lifestyle through adulthood.

My child is already enrolled in sports, how will your program be beneficial?

Sports are a great way to keep your child moving. Studies have shown children lose interest in sports around the age of 11 due to them no longer being fun. We offer our members a variety of activities to keep each day exciting and engaging. We also focus on more than being active. We provide members a supportive community to assist them on their health journey (nutrition counseling, doctor referrals, and more)

Can I drop my child off for a one day camp?

Yes, you may drop your child off. We encourage parents to use the hour of free time to be active or enjoy some mental wellness time.

Do you have more than one location?

We are currently located in Active Family Wellness Center-North. We will announce additional locations soon.

What is Superhero Training Camp doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Your child’s and our staff’s health is important. Before you drop your child off their temperature will be taken to make sure they are well to attend. All hero hands are sanitized before getting started. At the beginning of each camp, trainers will break the children into small groups(max 12 children) or provide individual equipment depending on the activities for the day. All camp equipment is sanitized before each session. We have limited activities that involve the sharing of equipment and touching.

What are the requirements for the low income assistance program?

If you receive government assistance you may provide proof or provide document stating household income is below $35,500 to qualify.

What happens during bad weather and wintertime?

Camp will be held indoors during bad weather days or rescheduled. Parents will receive notifications of any camp changes 24 hours prior.

What if I am late picking up my child?

We give guardians a 10 minutes grace period to pick up their child. $10 fee after will be charged every 5 minutes after.

How do I know my child will be safe during class?

We keep a 1:12 staff to member ratio during all camps. Parents and members will also receive an unique ID they use to sign in and out of camp.

Are all staff members certified?

All of our trainers have a fitness certification or physical education degree. We require all camp staff to be CPR and First Aid certified.

Do you offer personal training?

We do not offer one on one personal training. We do offer family training camps. Our trainer will put together activities to get the whole family moving. 

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