How To Join The Healthy Hero Team

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Reserve your child’s spot for each camp through Eventbrite.


When your child arrives at camp a trainer will check them into camp and provide you with their pickup word.


You must check your child out with one of the staff members on-site by providing the word of the day.

Training Camp

Our 60-minute health & fitness camps will prepare your child for their personal health journey. Each camp is designed to keep them moving, learning, and having fun. They will engage in a range of exercises and activities led by our camp trainers. Activities include:

Independent Workouts
Small-Group Games
and More

Mighty Heroes

For superherokid members 5-10 years old trainers will combine free-play and structured-play to give kids a sense of control while engaging in physical activity and learning. Trainers will focus on helping each child:

  • Develop fundamental movements
  • Have an understanding of each body part
  • Developed a basic level of endurance, strength, and flexibility
  • Increased understanding of self-love and confidence
  • Learn to engage in a social atmosphere and work with other
  • Understand sleep, nutrition and exercise is important to grow healthy and strong
  • Demonstrate responsibility for their safety and the safety of others
  • Understand what personal health and fitness goals are

Bright Heroes

For Superherokid members 11-16 years old trainers provide a similar combination of structured and free play while focusing on your child’s independent health journey. Trainers will help each child:

  • Develop an intermediate understanding of the body and its functions
  • The ability to improve fitness frequency, intensity, and time.
  • Understand basic workout equipment
  • Gain self-discipline
  • Understand the relationship between physical activity and health
  • Be able to measure their performance and set a personal goal
  • Develop a sense of what physical activities brings them enjoyment
  • Ability to work with others and develop self-management

Camp Rules

Each child’s temperature is taken before participating.

Staff and members are required to wear masks.

 Closed-toe shoes are required

We recommend members wear activewear

Hero Rewards

Your child will earn Hero Rewards by attending camps, achiving gaols, and good grades. Coins can be used to purchase products from our store.

Hero Circle

During each camp we take a moment to stop moving to have open discussion about health topics.